Compliance Q:be

Compliance Q:be

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Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. With corporate policy applied to every workflow, the ability to track sign-off in line with your own processes and automated reporting against Service Level Agreements, the Compliance Q:be makes working within the lines effortlessly streamlined.

It’s the little things that make a big difference to your workload. The Compliance Q:be is packed with features that stop the paperwork from piling up, like integration with DocuSign to automate contract signing. And with everyone in the loop – from the contracts department to auditors – upholding policy has never felt so uplifting.

Compliance is absolutely essential, but it can be a real time sink. Now that everything is automated, I don’t need to spend time chasing signatures or worrying that we haven’t ticked all of the boxes – it’s all right there in the system. Corporate Contracts Manager

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