Planning Q:be

Planning Q:be

Where a good plan comes together

With so many great minds needing to think alike, collaboration from the very first draft of your plan is often essential. With the Planning Q:be, you can choose when to bring team members onto projects, set spending thresholds and make changes together. It’s not long before everything starts to feel connected – because it is.

Welcome to a world in which plans easily evolve from rough drafts into fully-costed tasks. Where you take ownership of your plan, but you can also request approvals when needed. Where collaboration between teams is easy, because everyone can see what’s been agreed, spent and what’s just around the corner. It’s a lovely place to be.

Now that we have the Planning Q:be, I know exactly how much we’ve spent and what’s coming up. It’s also enabled us to respond faster and transfer budget to channels that are working well for us. Senior Marketing Manager

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